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What is a Design and Prototyping Sprint?

It is a 1 to 5 weeks process in which we’ll take your app idea and create its look (wireframes, visual design) and feel (clickable prototype).

We don’t stop at aesthetics.

We deliver design prototypes ready for user testing, along with the necessary documents & requirements needed to start software development right away.

What is a Design Prototype

Why should I create a Design Prototype?

Why should I create a Design Prototype?

Because you can:

Validate your startup idea

Validate your business idea by testing it with real users before spending resources on software development

Cost Effective App

Have the most cost effective version of your app ready to be showcased to users and investors

Minimise App Development Risk

Minimise the risks of developing an app users or customers won’t buy or use.

What are my Design & Prototyping Sprint Options?

Evaluate the Sprints below. Decide on the one that fits your goals and in a couple of hours we’ll reach out to schedule an in-depth conversation.


  • Initial workshop
  • User Persona
  • High-Level Requirements
  • Concept Maps
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Development Estimations
  • Design Prototype
  • Use cases
  • Style guide
  • Non-Functional Requirements
  • App Versioning
  • High Level Roadmap
  • Timeframe
  • Concept Ready Sprint
  • Partial
  • 1 Week
  • Validation Ready Sprint
  • Partial
  • 3-5 Screens
  • 2 Weeks
  • Development Ready Sprint
  • Full
  • Most App Screens
  • Basic
  • 5 Weeks
Add-ons (Select from our list the ones suitable for you)
  • Basic Branding
  • Customer Development Interviews
  • Usability Testing
  • Detailed Development Estimations & Roadmap
  • Technical Architecture

Concept Ready Sprint


Here we’ll kick-off the project and ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of desired scope and collaboration.

User persona

A detailed description of your target audience to create an app suitable to their needs.

High-Level Requirements

Every piece of information regarding your project will be documented here.

Concept Maps

You’ll know all the possible interactions users can make while using your software. Use it to minimise the number of steps and reduce the app’s complexity.


This is the first time you’ll see your idea take shape and form. There’s no colour, so you can show it to users and quickly adapt to their feedback.


Validation Ready Sprint

All of the above, plus:

Visual design

Investors, stakeholders and potential customers can finally see the app you want to build. In colour.


Testing Ready Sprint

All of the above, plus:

Development Estimations

You’ll be able to estimate future development effort in terms of time and people.

Design Prototype

You can now click and go through different screens of your app. Users and investors can finally see your idea in action.

Use Cases

You’ll know how your app system should behave when users make different actions.


Development Ready Sprint

All of the above, plus:

Style Guide

Now you have your app’s identity (font, colour guide, logo). Everything added later in the app will follow this design guideline.

Non-Functional Requirements

These are general requirements that the application must fulfil, like performance, security and so on.

App Versioning and High-Level Roadmap

A graphical overview of the features that will be built during the development phase, all on a timeline.



Basic Branding

Impress investors by giving your new business an identity. You’ll get letterhead, business cards and presentation templates.

Customer Development Interviews

Real potential customers will discuss the possible use of your app. The feedback can be used to further develop the app.

Usability Testing

Real users will determine how easy to use is your software platform or app. Use the feedback to adjust your app.

Technical Architecture

We’ll advise you on the technology stack necessary to develop the app, the architecture behind it and provide guidelines for your development team.

Why should I work with you instead of hiring my own team?

Since your business is at the beginning, it’s best to start with someone who has done this dozen of times before. We’ll help you get market validation before you need to look for the right people.

How will we work when we are not in the same office?

We’ll have daily calls to ensure that your project is on track and other updates will be sent via email at least twice a week. You’re also in charge of reviewing our work at the end of every milestone.

What if it will take more than the planned time?

Our offers are fixed budget. If you are involved, participate in Skype call & team meetings, provide constant feedback and still, your project takes more than the agreed time frame, we will support all the consequences of going over budget.

Who can help me develop the app once I have the Design Prototype?

The nice thing about our Design & Prototyping Sprints is that the end result is ready for development. You can develop it with whom you’ll find fit (hire experts, work with external providers, etc.). FYI – we’ve delivered over 60 development projects.

Start for facts, not assumptions.