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  • Tudor Iordache - 28 Nov 2023
    In the fascinating world of crafting Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), team practice isn’t just a routine—it’s akin to an orchestra tuning before a grand performance. At Thinslices, we believe in harmonizing our teams, setting the tempo before they dive into the crescendo of MVP development. Let's explore why this approach resonates so well in the tech symphony.
  • Ilie Ghiciuc - 14 Mar 2019
    Last week we wrote an article about what a business model does for your startup. We made some suggestions we find very useful for mobile startups: Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas. Both tools do a great job. While doing some research, we found another pretty cool tool for entrepreneurs. The Canvas Model Design combines the Business Model Canvas, the Lean Canvas, the Business Model You and Product Canvas. We have also looked in the AppStore for their mobile application and we've decided to give it a try.
  • Tips-Preparing-Your-Pitch-Deck
    Ilie Ghiciuc - 31 Aug 2018
    Your pitch deck is the most memorable PowerPoint presentation you’ll ever make. Those 10-15 slides packed with substantial information are all you need to convince your listeners to embrace your idea and help you act on it, transforming it into a profitable business. For your pitch deck to have substance, it needs to mould to your personality. To attain that supreme goal and make yourself impossible to forget, check out these 6 and ½ tips for preparing a killer pitch deck.
  • Why-investors-should-be-toughon-you
    Ilie Ghiciuc - 31 Aug 2018
    When an investor believes your idea has great potential to go big, it’s human to confuse the relationship with a friendship. Truth be told, it’s not. Investors have faith in your startup’s concept, team, and solution. They want to believe your business can make them profitable. But if things go south, it usually means you won’t shake hands and remain best buds.


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